OFA + Steam Machine at the Whirlybird
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OFA + Steam Machine at the Whirlybird

Y'all Festivals Acadiens et Creole and Blackpot Camp and Blackpot Festival are coming soon and right in between we have this amazing event!

Blake Miller & the Old Fashioned Aces are breathing new life into an old sound. It’s traditional Cajun music in a traditional setting, but more than that, it’s a powerhouse trio having fun. Whether they appear as an acoustic trio or a full electric band, finer musicians playing Cajun music cannot be found. In a world where it seems everyone is continually stretching the boundaries of Louisiana French music, the Aces nest comfortably inside the well worn tracks of Cajun Music. From old fiddle tunes, to classic dance floor packers, to bilingual country classics, their music is comfort food for the Cajun music fan.

Joining is Steam Machine, with the Old Fashioned Aces' fiddler, AJ Srubas, taking the lead.

"Steam Machine represents the exciting frontier where old-time string band meets bluegrass. The tunes come from the fiddlers most influencing the current generation of players, and fiddler AJ Srubas gets his elbow into every note. Banjo, bass and guitar follow AJ through every crooked tune, and the group dusts off old songs and plays individualistic versions that will serve as reference points for bands to follow. The outcome of Steam Machine's relentless attention to detail is a highly polished performance style that is simultaneously rustic and sophisticated." -- Phil Nusbaum, Bluegrass Saturday Morning, KBEM-FM

AND!! Bruneaux Miller will be cooking! Come get you some wonderful.... If you don't know what that means - Bruneaux Miller or come get you some - it is about time you found out.

So, Y'all, get ready to strap it on, Thursday night, October 17th, 2019. 6:30 PM

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PS - The Whirlybird is Air Conditioned

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